Hassle free meal prep with the help of Harris Teeter!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook. Not only do I love to cook, I WANT to cook. I enjoy learning how to make my own marinara sauce from scratch, or pan roasting a pile of fresh vegetables for a few days worth of meal prep. Cooking is great! It’s the dishes that are the devil. Not only the dishes, but the countless trips to the grocery stores for the thyme and coriander (because what man has a fully loaded spice rack) for that crazy spice concoction this google recipe says will make or break it. That’s why I am thankful for my local Harris Teeter. If you haven’t been introduced to the gospel of their Dinner Ready Offers you are missing out in life. That’s why I have created a hassle free meal prep guide using their menu. I still cook, but the power of being able to get a high quality protein on the cheap is game changing for the busy fitness minded professional.

Here are three reasons why Harris Teeters has forever changed meal prep.

Point number 1 MATH AND SCIENCE (really two reasons here but whatever)

Bare with me here, for those of you who struggled with math and science portion of the SAT, you will probably have to live by faith with me on this point.

Did you know that the $4.99 per lb chicken breast you are buying is really almost $10 per lb? no you didn’t read that wrong, that’s science my friend. See, meat shrinks due to its protein content. In short, protein acts like the glue that holds the meat together. When you throw that chicken on the grill, you melt the glue (the protein molecules break apart). Hence, the heat introduced separates the water content from the meat and voilà, the chicken is down to it’s fighting weight. Estimates are that chicken loses anywhere from 30 to 50% of its original weight during the cooking process. Making our original chicken breast cost up to $10 a lb.

*Cost to cook one lb of chicken at $4.99lb

$4.99 + kwh $0.10 (cost to cook on the stovetop for 15 min) + Opportunity Cost $5 (half hour of investment) = $10.09 for 1lb of raw chicken yielding approximately 8oz cooked (one meal for me when I’m hungry).

Cost of Harris Teeters delicious dinner ready 1lb chicken breast (Tuesdays dinner option)

$4.99 + nothing = $4.99 guaranteed to last you at least 3 meals (it always does me)

SCORE – Harris Teeter – 1 Meal Prep by you – 0

Number 2 – say goodbye to dishes!

no more dishes!!!

Kudos to your mothers who get your rocks off by doing the dishes. I am more than happy for you. Cleanliness will always be next to Godliness in my book, but there is a price to pay for both of them. Few things in life are as reoccurring as the dishes and the laundry. Sometimes I feel like I could change the world if I could only automate the dishwashing and laundry process. Perhaps its the millennial in me, but ain’t nobody got time for that. I can clean the house from head to toe and the whole apartment smells like pine sol. Just give it ten minutes and I can create a load of laundry and a brand new set of dishes to clean #overitallready. I didn’t factor the math of running the dishwasher or the opportunity cost of doing the dishes just so I could keep the math simple. However, money aside, one of the biggest perks of the dinner ready meals is that HT gives you a container to take home and then dispose of via the garbage can when you’re done. Say goodbye to dishes, thank ya Harris Teeter!

3. Delicious and Nutritious (I think I am actually at 5 reasons now?)

Not sure if Harris Teeter would hire me, but I have a strategy to increase their sales and customer retention. Hear me out, all it would take to double the sales is give me a uniform, set me out front, let me peddle the chicken to the customers as they walk through the store. Honestly, once you get people to try it, they love it and they always come back. The options are simple, yet packed full of flavor and nutrients.

So there you have it! Save yourself time and money and make meal prep hassle free with the help of Harris Teeter!

Final Score = Harris Teeter 3 points You 0

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