9 reasons to love 9round – the worlds greatest 30 minute workout

In case you have had your head stuck in the sand the past decade, boutique fitness is taking over. Long gone are the days of traditional weight training. People are waking up to realize the relationship between their health and wellness. Having been an advocate for alternative training for the past 10 years, I’ve tried just about every major boutique fitness center there is (F45, Orangetheory, Bootcamps, CrossFit gyms, Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing etc). Yet, one gym has forever changed the way I see training. 9round, a kickboxing circuit training workout, continues to change lives around the world. Forbes calls it the hottest trend in fitness in 2019, I call it the most cost effective, results driven, life changing gym in the country. Here are 9 reasons to love 9round, the greatest 30 minute workout on earth.

The Worlds Greatest 30 Minute Workout

Reason 1 – No class times!!

I repeat, no class times! perhaps every ones favorite reason to get in shape at 9round is most likely the fact that you can never be late or early to class. At 9round, class starts when you show up and finish the hand wrapping ritual. Just bring your best self to the gym and get ready for the best 30 minutes of the day. As always, the first workout is always free!

Reason 2 – Workout Changes Daily

The everyday grind in the 9 to 5 culture can be grueling at times. We become creatures of habit, who quickly adapt to our surroundings and fall into complacency. If your a fitness advocate like myself, it can be hard to keep spicing things up in the gym. We can’t keep doing the same thing every day and expect ourselves to change. Maybe that is what is so beautiful about the unknown. Every single time you step into the gym at 9round you can expect a new challenge to be staring you in the face. It is completely up to you to step up and attack the moment. One day its burpee hell and the next your doing shin kicks till you’re blue in the face. You just never know, and we like it that way at 9round!

Reason 3 – Self Regulating killer workout

round 6 (heavy bag work)

The workout is self regulating, meaning it’s up to the individual to lay their heart out when they come into the gym. You are essentially accepting 100% responsibility for your results, something that makes you more accountable and transfers out into the real world. There are days I can crush every challenge, and others I barely make it through the 30 minutes. Yet, every time I complete a workout, I leave knowing I gave my all. That is what 9round is all about, giving your best day in and day out.

Reason Number 4 – Trainer Always included

Hitting the mitts with 9round Cotswold Trainer Dwight Cannon

Because who doesn’t love having someone to keep you in line and tell you when you need to stop twerking in the plank position and hold it still? At 9round you will get that type of one on one top level coaching every time you come into the gym.

Reason Number 5 – it’s only 30 minutes!

Shut the front door! You mean to tell me you can get in and out of the gym in 30 minutes and get your life back? That is exactly what I am telling you my friend. We don’t play around at 9round baby. Come in, wrap your hands, will take your gloves, and get ready to workout. No frills, we aren’t selling smoothies and you can’t get a discount on your membership from buying a ten pack of tanning bed sessions. We want you to come in, get this work, and go home to your family. Perhaps, the number 2 reason in popularity for 9round is the 30 minute killer workout. We don’t believe you need any more time in the gym to reach your goals. We just believe you need more intensity in the gym.

Reason Number 6 – Physical and Mental Challenge

Training is something that shouldn’t be just something that enhances your outside physical body (although this is a nice side effect). Rather, you should aim to leave a better human being. More focused and centered going out than you where walking in to 9round. There is almost something oddly romantic about landing the perfect jab, cross, hook combo on the mitts with the sweat running down your eyes. There is almost a zone you go into where you feel yourself in perfect rhythm connect with the punches and kicks that is euphoric. At 9round you will have to learn to sharpen your mental focus to develop those hands and feet, teaching your body how to work together to move like God intended is truly something you have to experience for yourself. Every time you complete the 9round circuit, you will leave physically tired and mentally sharp.

Reason Number 7 – Confidence booster

I ask all my members what they love about 9round, one common ground is always how hitting the bags gives them a feeling of newfound confidence. We love to watch members grow to learn how to skillfully throw a 1-2 combo, or land the perfect roundhouse kick. Learning always produces confidence. At 9round you will constantly be learning every time you step into the gym, and that my friend is the breeding grounds for developing confidence in oneself.

Reason Number 8 – You are guaranteed to see results.

Somethings in life are guaranteed. Like death and taxes, you can’t avoid them no matter how hard you try. A close second to those would be losing weight after joining 9round. After all my years of training, I have seen so many people go to the gym, work hard, and leave disappointed after not seeing results. The average gym membership in America last 3 months. At 9round the average customer stays 9 months! Why you ask? Results! Every individual I have ever seen train at 9rounds has managed to lose weight. The reason being that the 9round formula works. The greatest 30 minute workout in the world changes people and their bodies. My personal guarantee is this, “come twice per week, work hard, eat well, and your body is going to change.”

Reason Number 9 – The Price

Nothing sweeter than a discount double check on your personal fitness investment in yourself. 9rounds unique business model with no class times and sustainable footprint of 1200-1500 square feet help keep costs low, making sure not to price anyone out of their fitness aspirations. Year after year 9round continues to be the most cost effective, results oriented gym concept in the world.

So there you have it! 9reasons to love 9round. The greatest 30 minute workout on earth. Do me a favor and find the closest 9round near you and give it a shot. If you are ever in Charlotte, drop in and train with me.

Happy Punching!

-Tyler Reavis

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