The Ultimate Training Split

Full body Training is the Key to Fat Loss

Upon a quick google search you will see some several million results in just under a half a second on the topic of weightloss. Without a doubt, at the top you’re likely to find some flashy bro split – advising you to train your body in isolation. The split will likely look something like this…

Day 1: Chest

Day 2: Back

Day 3: Arms

Day 4: Shoulders

Day 5: Legs

Rinse and repeat.

I won’t deny – many great physiques have been attained by this style of training (my hero Gregg Plitt ). Yet, I wouldn’t like to give all the credit to the training split selection. If you look for instance at my guy Gregg Plitt, you will see an individual who would of had six pack abs no matter what training protocol he followed. Greg was so committed and driven (and addicted) to being in the gym everyday that training split had way less to do with it then his commitment to reaching his goals. But how many of us have 10 + hours we can spend in the gym per week and then another 10 + meal prepping and eating. If you’re anything like me, you are trying to figure out the most efficient routine for your time and energy. This is where nothing compares to full body training splits.

Five Laws of Training to Get Shredded

  1. Train your full body (big breath here) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY !!!! Never plan for a break – and never worry about a routine – instead, follow a simple format for success. Train like an athlete! Work your full body or follow a Push, Pull, Legs Split and never plan a rest day. Trust me, life will get in the way and nature will provide the rest days when you need them. But commit to doing something for your fitness every single day.
  2. Add boxing/kickboxing to your routine to take fat burning to the next level. There isn’t a better calorie burner in the world #facts men can burn up to 900 calories per hour and 700-750 for most women. You will also work your coordination, timing and rhythm all while getting a killer sweat in. So when in doubt, punch it out.
  3. Eat less frequently. I’m not an intermittent faster – when I am hungry I eat. Most days however I do find myself eating between 2pm-9m yet again, I am not a robot and neither are you. When you are hungry, EAT!!! Instead of 6 meals per day though aim for 2-3 max.
  4. Have at least one full liquid meal per day. It takes time to stop and eat. The fool who eats 6 meals per day not only spends hours shopping, prepping, and then cleaning up after himself. He also waists 30 minutes every single time he sits down to eat. Lets do the math 6x per day * 30 minutes = 180 minutes/3 freaking hours per day of just eating!!! don’t forget the dishes and then the work the body does to digest etc. Food is great!!! its one of the biggest blessings on earth is to stop and enjoy great food – but don’t make it your life. Invest in a high quality blender and quickly chop and juice a meal on the go that’s delicious and nutritious. Ideally add some protein and enjoy this meal post workout.
  5. Start playing with fitness again – Play some basketball, run some sprints, sign up for an adult tennis league. We often wonder why kids are naturally so lean and healthy. They eat what they want, when they want it, and they PLAY HARD! So find you a hobby that keeps you active or learn something new. Take a salsa dance class, hop in the pool and start a swimming regimen. Just play around and have fun with it.

In Review

The key to getting into the best shape of your life is simple, not easy. It won’t happen overnight. Make fitness fun again and here is the golden protocol that I use and share with my clients.

  • train your full body 2-3x per week – 30-40 minutes max in the weight room in circuit training fashion. You can reach out to me and I will build your circuits for you!!!
  • Add boxing to your routine. Nothing is more full body than boxing/kickboxing. Great stress reliever and the most efficient calorie burner in the world (this could be your sole mode of training 5-6 days per week).
  • Eat less 2-3x per day and one of those meals being a liquid meal.
  • Play around and have fun. For me – its basketball, but find something you like that makes you sweat and set aside some time to play again.

Now, stop reading here and go get fit!

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