Killer Core Workout for SixPack Abs

Getting a tight six pack is the epitome of health and wellness. Maybe its the law of supply and demand at work in our personal drive for greatness – being that the supply of abs is so low, that in turn the demand is high. Therefore, the road to the perfect midsection is pricey! (my economics majors are loving this right now). So how do you get the perfect six pack abs? Lucky for you reading this article its simple, all you have to do for the tight midsection of your dreams is eat right, sleep right, and train right – for an extended period of time depending on your starting point. Oh so simple right? but certainly not easy.

Abs are made in the kitchen

What a cliché? But I love a good cliche’ when it’s true. If you want to get lean and see your abs pop, it all comes down to body fat %. For men you need to be under 10 % bodyfat and quit lying to yourself about your body fat % -go hop on an inbody scanner then there is no guess work. For the ladies a range of about 16-19% body fat will make your abs pop! If you truly want to get to these body fat % then its going to come down to diet and what you eat. Follow a simple protocol of 3 meals per day ( I like intermittent fasting). Consisting of one liquid meal and two solid meals with plenty of fibrous veggies and some meat/poultry/fish. Go lower carb for best results and try to keep them to pre and post workout if possible!

The Killer Core Workout Routine

Now for all of you who are too patient and just can’t get through your heads that seeing your abs is all body fat % (yes we all really have abs) here is a routine for you that you can use to get ripped and build a super strong core.

Killer Core workouts – Find time to complete these ab workouts once per week as supplemental training

Killer Core Workout #1

30 Crunches

30 Hip lifts or bridges

30 toe touches

1 minute low plank (from forearms)

30 crunches

30 heel touches

15 oblique crunches each side

1 minute plank (high plank from your hands)

30 crunches

30 leg lifts

30 reverse crunches

30 second side plank (each side)

Repeat for a total of 2 sets

Killer Core Workout #2

Countdown Workout

100 Russian Twists

90 Ankle Touches

80 bicycle crunches

70 regular crunches

60 second plank

50 reverse crunches

40 second side plank (each side)

30 leg raises

20 side crunches

10 sit ups

Killer Core Workout #3

30 bicycle crunches

30 double crunches

30 mountain climbers

60 second plank

20 crunches

30 vertical crunches (or pike crunches )

30 russian twists

60 second plank

30 second side plank (each side)

30 mountain climber

30 bicycle crunches

20 oblique crunches each side

20 oblique crunches with leg lift (each side)

60 second plank

5 lying leg raises

30 mountain climbers

You can add these circuits as a starter or finisher to your regular gym training – or do them solo. Follow this program for 6-8 weeks and eat right, sleep right, live right, and results will follow.

-Tyler Reavis

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